Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I missed V tonight!!!

Earlier in the day when I came home for lunch, I noticed it advertised on YouTube with the words, "V Returns Tonight" or something to that effect. But of course, with the potpourri that is my life, I got sidetracked. My hubby invited me out for a walk after dinner, but I'd already made "girly plans." You know--get a pedicure first, then hit the tanning salon. After that I came home to watch American Idol with Bill, Yesica & Brandon while my granddaughter strolled around the living room wearing my flipflops (the blue ones with the little silver starfish, which that young lady just LOVES to pieces). Forgot all about V, darn it. Hopefully we can catch up with all the aliens' doings on the next episode without getting too lost.

There just aren't enough good sci-fi shows on TV. V caught my attention, and although it's not Invasion, which goes down as one of my all-time favorite shows (and it has William Fichtner playing the very mysterious Sheriff Tom Underlay, although I'd watch William Fichtner in ANYTHING--the man is sheer romance hero material!), it's definitely entertaining and worth catching.

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