Wednesday, November 8, 2017

End-of-Year Redecorating

Happy November!

So I've been away and falling behind on both producing videos and books...not to mention my blog.

This is not really a full post, more like a little check-in, because readers have been asking if I'm still writing. In truth, I haven't written in quite some time--but that's been changing. I'll keep you posted on that!

In the meantime, I'm redecorating this blog for the winter months and will be posting more often, so make sure to bookmark it. Keep in mind, major holidays are right around the corner, so I'll still be sporadic, but I haven't gone anywhere. I'm still here!

Hoping to fill you in real soon with some news. Until then, may the Lord bless you and keep you in His perfect peace!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Introducing: My YouTube Ministry!

Hello, again!

Yes, I know--it's been a LONG time since I blogged, and I apologize for that. That said, I'm back and bringing news that I'm very excited to share with you.

First, a little background. For a long time, I knew the Lord had been calling me to start a ministry on YouTube, to share the gospel as well as encourage and share with believers from His Word. Those who know me are aware that I was briefly involved with a prison ministry and I have worked with a local Crisis Pregnancy Center for over a year. I was shy and unsure about undertaking this venture, but the Holy Spirit--ever gentle--continued to encourage me.

So this week, I finally stepped out on faith, and "Lamp Unto My Feet," my YouTube channel, was born! It's still in its baby stages and I am only beginning to record videos, but find my very first video below, "Rejoice in the Lord, He is Near."

More books are to come, but please do drop by my channel, and may you be blessed!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer Book Sale!

Can you believe it's almost August? This summer--well, actually, the whole year--is going by so fast!

Considering you still have some beach or pool time left, or maybe you need a little summer in your life on your way to work or on your life hour, my GOODNIGHT MY LOVE is on sale at Smashwords for 99 cents! It will remain on sale and should be hitting the other outlets, Kobo & Itunes & the others, very soon.

Oh, and that's not all...for now until the end of August, my novel about the Rapture, ONE SWEET DAY, normally also priced at $2.99, will ALSO be available for 99 cents.

Enjoy & may what's left of July be happy, fun & blessed for you!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Season of Quiet

Hello, readers!

Checking in because it's been a while. Just wanted to let you know I'm still breathing, lol! apologize for the lack of new works this year. It's been some time since my last book, which was GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE was published. The other day, my husband Bill and I were chatting about it, and he told me, "Babe, I know you go through times when you have this big splurge of writing, and then times when you don't write at all, but you always come back to writing."

That's really true. At first, it bothered me (because all writers are like that--we "miss" writing, telling our stories). Then I came to understand that this was one of those seasons of non-writing. A season of quiet, during which the creative well gets replenished.

For any newer writers who may find that scary, because of the fact that writer's block is a monster that always looms over us, and we work in a business which pretty much dictates you have to be writing and producing constantly. It's a competitive business, for sure, where she who doesn't endlessly have a book in the works isn't going anywhere in publishing.

It's interesting, because you do come to an age where you realize you need those seasons of quiet. That's where life takes place, where the experiences come, the fodder for our stories, where the well gets refilled, because you can't pour from an empty teapot. I'm sure I got that old saying wrong, but you get the idea. You also come to a point where you don't feel the need to compete with anyone but yourself, when "I have to keep writing or I won't look like a serious author" turns into, "Do I have something new that I can share with my readers? Or do I need to stay in this season of quiet?" Not surprisingly, I love this stage, and for any writers out there, I hope you do (or will come to love it), too.

I believe that, for me, it's coming to an end, that season. It's still early in the writing process, but do bookmark this page, because I hope to have news soon.

Until then, I hope you're having a happy, fun & blessed summer!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Special Offer & Updates

Happy March!

Forgive me. I know it's been a while. As usual, I have to prove myself as the Internet's worst blogger, LOL! Since it's a lazy Sunday (during which most of the morning's snow here in North Carolina had melted) and I'm procrastinating in between working on my new WIP, I thought I'd post, say hi, and add some updates.

First, a special offer for you! This being the week of my birthday, I've decided to give GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE for free. If you haven't read this, my previous release, you can pick it up right now from Smashwords. Later, it'll be available on Kobo, iBooks, etc. Enjoy & Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Now for updates...

On a personal note, I'm back to my yoga practice again. I had left it for several months, but I've missed it, so I'm again fitting it into my schedule. We have to make time for the things we enjoy and that relax us, no?

Also, I have not written in some time. There, it's out there. I don't know why, but I do go through those patches of time during which I don't write. In this post, I'm happy to report that the muse has struck, my well is full again, all that writing jazz, and I'm working on a new romance, a historical! Will post more info, plus a cover reveal, when we get closer to its completion.

My estimated time for publication is tentatively scheduled for May 2017, if all goes well. I have a lot of pans in the fire, so that may be delayed, but I'll absolutely keep you posted.

Until later & may the Lord bless you always!