Friday, January 23, 2015


This story does, like CRYSTAL WAVES, have an interesting background, too.

STEALING THUNDER actually started out as a Young Adult novel (also with a Hispanic heroine, but written under Connie Keenan).

About twelve years ago, I was working as an Associate Editor at True Romance magazine when I received an email from an editor at Simon & Schuster, telling me she was excited about reading the rest of STEALING THUNDER. And the P.S. at the end of her email read, Are the print rights available to SUBURBAN VAMPIRES, too?

Imagine my excitement! Of course, with my luck, the editor left the publishing house before either of these two books went to contract (SUBURBAN VAMPIRES' ebook rights were held by a small press at the time). Though I lost the original manuscript, the title stuck with me.

So here's the entirely new book--different concept, different audience, different characters, even under a different pen name!--but with the title, STEALING THUNDER!

Reminder: It is being released TOMORROW!

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