Friday, April 16, 2010

Au Gratin...But Not Really

Usually I don't share recipes on my blog, but this one was SO yummalicious that it's getting an entry! A friend of mine at work, who knows I love to cook, found it in our local paper and passed it on to me. The problem with getting a recipe from me is that I've become of those "a pinch of this, a dash of that" cooks (Chef Gordon Ramsay would probably stand in my kitchen going, "OH, MY GOD!!!" ). Don't think you'll have problems following it, though, so here goes:

What you'll need: an oven (duh), preheated to 350 degrees...a casserole dish, and mine was a long one...enough potatoes to layer said casserole dish, cut into au gratin-size slices. The recipe called for 4 large baking potatoes; I used about 7 smaller potatoes. Ah, I'm such a radical. Anyhoo, other ingredients: Garlic, minced or powder; Parmesan cheese; a quart of half & half; and a wonderful thing--a new discovery for me--called Gruyere cheese. The recipe called for a half cup of the cheese, shredded, but I used waaaaaaaaay more than that.

First step: After peeling and slicing the potatoes, toss them into a Dutch oven with the whole quart of half & half and the garlic, which I also varied to taste, as with salt and pepper. Cook at medium until the mixture somewhat thickens, then transfer to the casserole dish. Add both the Gruyere cheese and a sprinkling of the Parmesan, then pop that baby in the oven. Bake for 50-55 minutes.

The recipe called for allowing the potatoes to cool for about 30 minutes, but after about 5 minutes I brought that bubbly, cheesy, creamy delight straight to the dinner table. It's sort of au gratin, but sort of absolutely different, thanks to the mild and delicious Gruyere cheese. It was a hit at dinner, especially with my daughter-in-law Yesica and me, who loved it.


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