Thursday, April 4, 2013

Character Interview with Violet Dunne

Meet Violet Dunne, one of the new characters from Book Three of The Larkspur Valley Series. Now that her book will be released this month and the dust has settled, Violet graciously dropped by for a visit.

So it's my pleasure to introduce Violet, one of the stars of Forever in My Heart...

VIOLET (laughing): Thanks, but I'm not a star! I'm just a regular gal.

CK: Ah, you're modest. How do you like visiting the year 2013? Especially because your story takes place in 1966?

VIOLET: It's incredible! I can't believe everybody has their own computer now. And you don't need to hunt down change for a public phone when you're out because everybody carries their phone with them at all times? That's so Twilight Zone.

CK: It is amazing how much things have changed. I agree. I was 6 during the year your story is set.  Without giving too much away, where are you from?

VIOLET: Originally from New York. And like you said, without giving too much away, I moved out to Pennsylvania to be close to family. I also wanted a complete break from the life I'd been living for years.

CK: Did you find that in Larkspur Valley?

VIOLET (smiling): I did. But it wasn't easy. Through a lot of the story, I spent a lot of time--well, they'll have to wait and see.

CK: You also meet someone in this book. He's a new character, too, right?

VIOLET: That's Buck. Yes, He's new to the readers because he wasn't in More Than Sparrows or The Christmas Waltz, but he's lived in Larkspur Valley for a long time. He's my honey.

CK (laughs): He's a doctor? Or he's a cowboy?

VIOLET: Both. Actually, he's not a cowboy, per se, but he does own a horse and he goes riding often. I call him a cowboy. He always makes time for me, even if he is pretty busy busy with his appointments and making house calls--

CK: Which doctors don't do anymore, but Dr. Charles Wilkinson (Buck is his nickname, I believe), like doctors back then, does them.

VIOLET: That's right.

CK: Hey, who's on the cover of the book? There's a bride and a groom kissing on there, but there are a lot of people in Forever in My Heart.

VIOLET: There is a wedding that takes place. Wait and see.

CK: Aha! You catch on quick.

VIOLET: I try! There are more newcomers and a few familiar faces from the earlier books. Plus you get to find out about that harp Timothy saw in More Than Sparrows.

CK: Cool. Does Cynthia Truesdale, the town gossip, show up in the story? Because she makes appearances in both of the first two books.

VIOLET: Yep, she's there. Troublemaker!

CK: Every book needs one of those! (laughs) Lots of drama, too.

VIOLET: Yes, lots of drama. Where there are secrets, there's bound to be drama.

CK: Well, I hope the readers enjoy this one.

VIOLET: Me, too.

CK: And thank you for stopping by.

VIOLET: My pleasure, hon.

CK: The book is Forever in My Heart, the final book of the 3-book Larkspur Valley Series. Come meet Violet Dunne, her honey the doctor-slash-cowboy, some old friends from the first two books, and all the people in Larkspur Valley, PA!

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