Sunday, May 26, 2013

Coming Attractions

Want a little sneak peak at my upcoming book, GREETINGS FROM MY SANDY DREAMS? Now there's a brand-new trailer for it on my Youtube channel.

Of course, I was creating the trailer when I should have been writing, but since it's part of promo, I guess it's okay. Heh. So if you've got less than a minute, because that's all it takes to view it, click on the link below & enjoy!

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't thank readers for not only downloading the freebie on Amazon, THE CHRISTMAS WALTZ (in May--I love that, LOL), but also for checking out the other books in the Larkspur Valley Series as well as GLIMMERS OF HEAVEN. CHAMPAGNE TASTE is also enjoying a bit of attention on Nook. Thanks, also, for being so gracious and taking the time to write a review or to email  me. That means a lot and I really appreciate it. Very glad my stories have found a place in your Kindles, Nooks, Ereaders, Ipads, and whatever all they come up with these days, but especially in your hearts!

GREETINGS FROM MY SANDY DREAMS is now close to 40,000 words, so as soon as it's completed and in the editing/polishing stage, I'll be publishing an excerpt and giving out more info before its release.

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day weekend, while we also remember our veterans and our men and women now serving in the armed forces. God bless them all!

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