Monday, November 28, 2016

TGIM Reflection -- 11/28/16

Hello again, sisters in Christ!

For many of us, that was a longer weekend than usual, so I'm hoping you're rested and refreshed and ready to say, "Thank God It's Monday!" (And if not, coffee should help!)

Besides the fact that it's Monday, we might have eaten (and spent more money) than we usually do. That's okay. That's what's Mondays are for: to get back to normal. Make sure to carve out a few minutes for a much-needed walk. Plan light and healthy meals for the week, starting today.

And our TGIM Reflection for today comes from the title of a Toby Mac song: Speak Life.

God is watching. We just got through a holiday dedicated to giving thanks and being grateful. Stay in that same spirit. Speak Life to your loved ones, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

Speak Life to the lady ringing up your order at lunchtime. Don't just say, "thank you," but share a kind word.

Speak Life to everyone you meet today.

Speak Life to the Lord. Tell Him you're not done thanking and praising Him. He'll love it! The Bible says God sings over us. May He break out in song over you!

Speak Life to yourself. Remind yourself that You belong to Him. Remind yourself that, no matter what happens today, Jesus has already won the victory for us.

Speak Life.

And have a blessed Monday!

Always walk with a friend!

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