Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Live & Learn

Seems like the lesson of the day here is: Don't assume that just because running shoes are these cute, crazy color thingies that they'll be comfortable and suitable for running...or even walking. For me, at least, that first pair (see my first post on my Adventures in Running) were not a great fit. They were also the first pair of New Balances that I didn't absolutely love.

My allowance is now going to this new pair, which I think happen to be cute in their own right. More importantly, they're comfortable, provide good support, and perfectly cushion my feet, now that I'm headed into my 2nd week of running.

And yes--also New Balance running shoes! Currently reading No Need For Speed by John Bingham and finding it very inspirational and informative.

Again, is it love or still infatuation? Still too early to tell, but I'm alternating days between running days and resting days. On resting days, I'm wishing I was out there, running. On running days, I'm finding pleasure, even though it's more strenuous than walking. Looks like this may turn into a serious relationship!

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