Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Christmas House

No, that's not the name of an upcoming book, although it would make for a great idea!

Much thanks to Dennis & his beautiful wife, Louise, for an awesome tour!

Recently, a dear friend of ours, Dennis, and his wife, Louise, invited us to their home here in the Carolinas, having told us they have 54 Christmas trees in their home. Fifty-four Christmas trees! Of course, Bill and I had to see that for ourselves...and we weren't disappointed.

What a whimsical and fun tree, the "Bathtub Tree!"
As it turned out, that was no exaggeration. Dennis and Louise are, in fact, the owners of over 50 trees, each of which has its own theme and color scheme--like the M&M (one of my favorite candies!) above. Lots of magic and imagination go into the decoration of these trees, which are actually the brainchild of Louise. This wonderful lady has collected the trees over the years, and who begins decorating them as early as August of each year.

But it's not just trees: Check out the beautiful decorative items, all with the theme of Christmas, below.

What an inviting dining room! Santa and Mrs. Clause never had a more beautiful table!

Louise is an award-winning bowler, and  Dennis also shares a love of bowling, so it's not surprising to find this one!

Dennis & Louise's beautiful nativity scene, plus scenes with Jesus during His ministry, which takes up their entire coffee table!

Closing with an idyllic winter scene, complete with skaters on a frozen pond.