Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Back on Track

Almost a month since my last post? Not good! Here's an update:

During this time, I HAVE been writing, though I've gotten sidetracked with other projects and am now working steadily on THE JOYFUL NOISE SERIES' second book, DISTANT FIRE. I haven't forgotten my goal to put 4 books, plus a 5th, shorter one, out this year. Just been working on other projects in between, and it's hard for me to switch gears. For that reason, DISTANT FIRE will now be a July release, and hopefully that's early July, so that FOR THE LOVE OF SUMMER is actually published in August or sometime in early to mid-September.

DISTANT FIRE is Linda Cuthbertson's story, and Linda is the mother of UNCONDITIONAL'S heroine, Valerie Welch. I took note of how many readers had mentioned, after reading THE CHRISTMAS WALTZ, that they enjoyed finding a romance about an older couple. With all the 20-, 30- and even 40-somethings in my books (all romances, actually), it really is a pleasure to tell the story of finding love as older adults. In this case, both Linda and the book's hero, Drew Lingerfelt, are in their 50s. Since I'm in that age group, I can say that that's an interesting time in life. Also in the case of this book, these two are not finding love but rather finding it again, and rekindling it after about a quarter of a century that had been lost between them.

This is a story about how our choices can affect our lives, but God is the one who orders our steps, and He will always try to steer us back onto the path He meant for us, His will for us. DISTANT FIRE is about a young man and woman who once were deeply in love, and yet they were separated by both making wrong choices. When the Lord brings them back together years later, they find that love is more enduring than either believed, and that God, forever faithful and loving, always has something better and more beautiful in mind for those who love Him.

So there's a little background on my now JULY book! Looking very forward to delivering it to readers.

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