Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Grandson & Updates

Kicking off November with a personal note: Meet Brody Keenan, our new grandson and little brother to Aubrey & Matthew! He came into the world weighing just a few ounces shy of 9 POUNDS. Amazing, considering his mama, Yesica, is very petite. It doesn't happen very often, I'm sure, but this little guy greeted us RIGHT on his due date. Looking VERY forward to spoiling him!

Another "baby" headed towards its due date is ONE SWEET DAY. Progress, as you can see by the work-in-progress counter to the right, is slow but steady. In these coming days before its release, I have some things to share about this book, which has a distinction that makes it unlike any other book I've ever written. I'll also be explaining what sort of books I'll be working on from here forward, because writing-wise, I've turned a corner, taking me to where I believe my work was meant to be in the first place.

In the meantime, forgive me for my delay in updating this blog more regularly! These last couple of months in the Keenan household traditionally are pretty hectic, with the major holidays coming up, a visit from our son Joey (who lives in New Jersey) and then young Mr. Brody Keenan's arrival. In the midst of all this, I'd like to thank readers for taking the time to post reviews on my books. I read every one and I appreciate you taking the time from YOUR busy schedule to write a review or post a rating!

Until my next post, hope you are feeling happy & blessed! Happy reading!

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