Saturday, January 24, 2015


Finally, after many years, a brand-new story under my other pen name, Consuelo Vazquez!

This is release day for STEALING THUNDER.

Eric Gardner had been looking forward to a get-away-from-it-all weekend up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. His friend, Lane, offered the use of his parents’ rustic, lakeside cabin, where Eric wants to fish, hike, and get ready for a new start, now that he is once more a bachelor. That’s until he learns he’ll be sharing the cabin with Lane’s younger—and lovely—sister, Pam. Pam Hadden, now all grown up, is equally surprised to find she’s sharing the cabin with her brother’s friend…on whom she had a crush on for most of her teen years. Originally, she was headed to the cabin to get over a friend’s betrayal. She thinks she’s outgrown her infatuation with Eric, though her heart has other plans for that weekend.

Coming this year is a LONGER work, a women's fiction novel under Consuelo Vazquez.


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