Monday, September 16, 2013

Thank You, Readers!

There have been so many reviews for THE CHRISTMAS WALTZ that I'm super-jazzed! Also, I wanted to post this note of thanks to you readers. Not only for reviews of this book on Amazon but also for my other books, and wherever else you choose to post a review. They're truly appreciated. Naturally, I know reviews are really for other readers like yourselves, but of course we authors read them, too. Thank you for taking the time to do that and I'm really happy when someone finds enjoyment (or maybe even God grants them a blessing) in a story I've written.

Seems like many readers tend to enjoy longer works, so in light of that, I'll be working on longer works in the future. (Although there'll be that occasionally short story or novella. I love those shorter works done in between the longer books, and there are books that don't need as much length. Many readers like those, too, because they're that "quick read" while you're relaxing on your commute or in between reading longer books.) So look for most of my future books to be anywhere from 50,000 words and up.

Speaking of which, THE VAMPIRE'S MERMAID BRIDE is shaping up to be longer than that, due to the number of characters and the development of the plot and the story's "people." Editing takes longer as a result of the longer length, too. Because of that, I can't give you a definitive date in October yet for its release, but check back for the date both here and on Goodreads.

Coming soon: An interview with a mermaid bride. You won't want to miss it!

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