Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lunchtime Scribblin'

Whoever said that you couldn't work a full-time job and write obviously never sat in Wendy's, working on their WIP over a small chili and a medium unsweet tea.

In my travels, I've sat on a bench while working on Leading Lady, pausing to look out at the Hudson River and the New York skyline. Once or twice I toted my notebook and pen over to a small area near the East River while a chopper landed and took off several yards away from me at a heliport. (Yes, I'm putting good at tuning most noises out!) A favorite spot was in a church courtyard, where I sat listening to the sounds of the City while banging out stories on my AlphaSmart. There was also the Tea Spot, down near New York University in Greenwich Village, where I sipped on tea and wrote a good portion of The Cop and the Mermaid.

Now I'm working on The Bride With Wings, a paranormal novella, that is written in said Wendy's and in the car at the park, with my Neon in auxilary and playing relaxing spa music, perfect for composing.

A little bit every day, even if it's just 500 words, with just a little bit under an hour to work. That's how stories get done.

And that's one answer to that eternally annoying question, "How do you find time to write?"

Answer: You make the time. You carve it out. And you nibble on a Subway sandwich while you do it!

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