Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy April and...

Yep--I'm still here!

A lot going on, but a real slowdown on writing for the past few weeks. This year has found us eating healthier, more mindfully, everything in moderation, but with a focus on organic food and slowly cutting out GMOs. It's also seen us becoming more active, which could account for the slowdown in books. I'm doing more walking lately than writing! That included the Foam Glow 5K in Charlotte with friends, and what fun that was.

The hubby and I also had a chance for a little getaway to the beach. Just because. That is all the reason you need!

Yesterday I had another cool surprise, finding SEA SIREN, which I wrote under the pen name Consuelo Vazquez, again on an Amazon bestseller list, right there in the Top 100 for Free Romance Fantasy. So if for any reason you haven't read it, you really do need your copy.

I'll be back in a couple days with some news, plus a couple of my new favorite smoothie recipes. Until then, take care!

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