Friday, September 25, 2015

New Book on its Way: GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE

(formerly BABY, IT'S YOU)
My upcoming book, GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE, which has been moving really well (it's in the writing stage as we speak) and is slated for publication in probably late October or early November, is a special book for me.

This romance--well, perhaps it's more in the love story genre-began life as a romantic novella of about 10,000 words that was published sometime in 1996 or '97. Then I decided to rework it, fitting it more comfortably into the romance genre, and it sold as BABY, IT'S YOU to a small press.

This book was contracted...but then it was never released. It was listed on many outlets, including Amazon,but it was never available to my readers.

The publisher has long since gone out of business. I moved on to other projects, many recent Christian/inspirational works. This year, I decided that I would finally rewrite BABY, IT'S YOU (from scratch, because I no longer have the manuscript) and put it where it has always belonged: in the hands of my readers!

But, naturally, when an author rewrites, it's usually not the exact same book. I'm excited because the new version is closer to the original, the short story, and yet it's an entirely new work. This is a 20th Century historical (which I seem to do a lot of, LOL!). 

Now that it's got a new lease on life, it's got a new title, GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE. For the first time ever, it's even got a cover, as you'll see above!

And this time, you WILL be able to get a copy. It's my hope that this book, which is dear to my heart, will bring you much reading pleasure.

GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE...Coming soon!