Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blog Title Change

Quick Note to Readers:

I realize "Connie Keenan, Romance Author" has been the name of this blog for, well, probably since I first started writing a blog in the first place!

For some time, though, I've been giving it thought, and ever since the publication of my Christian mainstream work, THE LARKSPUR VALLEY SERIES, I've actually been branching out and writing mainstream, short stories, a little bit of chick lit (blended with romance--that was CHAMPAGNE TASTE). In light of other works, my books really encompass other genres, not just romance anymore. Even my upcoming book is more of a blend of romance and mainstream.

For that reason, "Connie Keenan, Romance Author" is now "Author Connie Keenan." That doesn't mean I won't be writing romance anymore, because I will, most certainly, still write and publish romance novels! But I feel the new blog title is more true to form now I've branched out into other areas.

All in all, hope you enjoy what's coming, and that you be blessed!