Wednesday, April 1, 2015

He is Risen

Yes, I know it's still a few days away--we still have Good Friday, too--but I wanted to make sure to wish you a Happy Easter. And to add with joy, HE IS RISEN!

In the past few days I've been going through a trial. The interesting thing about going through the fire is that there's a certain "clutter removal" that gets done as you're going through that hard patch. You begin to realize what is important and what isn't. Even more, your eyes are opened and you come to see who the Lord really is in your life.

So don't mind me if I'm celebrating Easter early. Hope you'll join in that celebration with me! No coloring of eggs is necessary, no chocolate bunnies or candy. Only reverence and peace as we acknowledge with our hearts that the Lord Jesus Christ died for us, and that the grave couldn't contain Him.

He is risen!

No matter what we go through here on earth, here in this life, nothing can ever change the fact that we serve a resurrected Christ, and nothing in this life can separate us from the Great I AM's amazing love.

May you have a very blessed & Happy Easter!