Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Now in Paperback: Crystal Waves

Yet another post for December! It's a busy month in general, but also a busy news-on-the-writing-front month, as well.

I'm very happy to announce that CRYSTAL WAVES, besides being in ebook form, is now out in paperback. To purchase, just click on the cover to the right.

We're not finished with this yet, though. More news is coming out this week, as well as that character interview that I promised earlier this week.

And just a quick note, the topic totally unrelated to this new release: See those links to other pages right under my blog's heading? Bio, Series, Vintage, etc.? I will soon be creating one dedicated to the books that I'll be writing as Consuelo Vazquez, but this page will not include older works written under that pen name. Most of those books are now out-of-print and difficult to find--and besides, out with the old, in with the new! In other words, that page will be listing SEA SIREN (which is my only reprint from the past) and only BRAND NEW titles under Consuelo Vazquez. Just wanted to clarify that.

Hope that your month is also busy & happy!

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