Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy News

And now for the first time in ebook form, one of my earlier titles (written under my other pen name, Consuelo Vazquez) is now available! This baby was originally published by Kensington in 2000 for their Encanto line. So if you read it just about 12 years ago and would like to capture it for your Kindle, or if you've never read it and want to spice your life up with the still-red-hot Latin lover in this updated tale, then head on over to Amazon and make it yours today!

Tino Suarez never believed in mermaids—that is, until he found himself up close and personal with one of those temptingly sexy, fish-tailed ladies of the sea. Even more amazing is that this fateful meeting has taken place on dry land, right there in the little Long Island fishing village the brooding sea captain calls home.

But if she truly is a mermaid, then this beautiful and saucy Latin siren is posing as a flesh-and-blood woman. Kiki Figueroa, co-owner of the new Puerto Rican restaurant in town, still believes in love, though she’s gone through a painful marriage that ended in divorce. She also believes there’s a passionate fire inside that seagoing Spaniard and that he’s the catch of a lifetime for any woman, human or mythical. The problem? Captain Suarez has also been deeply disappointed by love. So it’s going to take a legend as old as the sea to make him believe once again.

Originally published in 2000 by Kensington Publishing.

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